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How to Care for Transponder Keys

05/05/2015 Back To Blog

People use transponder car keys every day, but realise how important they are only when something goes wrong. You can avoid trouble with these devices as long as you maintain them in good condition and keep them safe. Find out how to care for them effectively so that you can enjoy effective and hassle-free operation at all times.

How to Care for Transponder Keys

Blade Maintenance

Check the blade for signs of damage - These include dullness, chipping, denting and deformation. If any of these types of damage is present, you should opt for key replacement right away.

Provide thorough cleaning to the blade - Alcohol and lemon juice are fine for general cleaning. If there is sticky grease on the blade, you should remove it with the mildest possible solvent. White vinegar which has been brought to boil is safe and effective for rust removal. Do not apply any liquid directly to the blade. Apply a tiny amount with a soft cloth or cotton swab.

Lubricate the blade along with the car lock - Get a soft graphite pencil and cover the entire surface of the blade after you have added lubricant to the lock. Then insert the key into the lock gently and turn it. Both devices should operate smoothly until the next scheduled lubrication which should be in six months at least.

Electronic Unit Care

Provide thorough inspection - The plastic casing must not have any cracks or signs of damage. The buttons must be free from chipping. In case of serious damage, device replacement will be the best solution. This is because key repair will most probably not resolve the problem completely.

Clean the casing, the buttons and the infrared unit's cover - Dampen a piece of soft lint-free cloth into a bit of alcohol and clean the plastic casing and buttons with it. Use a piece of dry cloth for removing dust and dirt from the cover of the infrared unit. If there is some dirt stuck around the buttons or the infrared unit's cover, you should use a toothpick to remove it carefully.

Safe Keeping

Place each transponder key on a keychain - This solution is quite simple, but will help to reduce the risk of loss and car lockout immensely. If you are likely to misplace things, you can use a smart keychain which allows you to track the lost device with the use of your smartphone.

Determine specific places for storing your key at home and in the office - Make sure that the item is not clearly visible for the people who enter the room. It should also be difficult to reach. Generally, when the item has a specific place, there is a lower risk of loss.

It is important that you follow all of these instructions for best results.

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