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How to Make Your Home Theft-Proof

08/16/2015 Back To Blog

Obviously you want to make your family feel safe, and more than that you want to keep them safe. You come home from your workplace or office and lock the door behind you to feel safe - but what if someone else has the key to your home? It might seem absurd but it is quite common nowadays, and the reason behind that is people do not care much about these things anymore.How to Make Your Home Theft-Proof

When you buy mass produced locks for your front and back door, you put your family’s safety in question. Most of the lock manufacturers have only few hundred combinations of keys while some complex locks have few thousand keys. It means the chances of someone else having the key to your home are quite alarming. Although you cannot possibly change the way manufacturers design and produce locks and keys but you can still do something to make your home more secure.

Most Common Mistakes People Make With Their Home Security

Some people prefer buying two locks with the same key for both their front and back door. Obviously, this is a huge convenience as you don’t have to carry two different keys but on the other hand the same convenience comes with a higher price. This specific act comes with two different disadvantages: if you lose the key, you have to change both of the locks. That would be quite expensive. If someone else got that key, he/she will be able to open front and back door with the same key.

Cheap locks are another unnecessary way of putting your family at risk. Buying a high security lock is an investment you make to protect your family, yourself and your valuables. Cheap locks are not only easy to bypass and pick but also attract thieves, as they get know you are not taking safety precautions seriously. That means you are an easy prey. In other words, cheap locks motivate thieves to take a little risk for a potentially bigger reward.

The most common reason why people get robbed is that they don’t lock their doors at all; it might be a habit or a mistake - but regardless of how secure and modern locks you use, if you don’t lock them properly then they are useless. So whenever you leave your home, double check all the locks - especially the external ones.

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