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Here you will find brilliant suggestions from reputable people on how to care for your locks.

Our locksmiths are masters in all new security systems

  • What does a locksmith do?

    A professional locksmith takes care of installing, repairing and maintaining just about everything that works with any lock or key, including handling lockout situations

  • Have Home Safes Installed by Professionals

    People often have their jewellery, money, and important documents secured in their cabinets. If you want extra security, the specialists from Locksmith in Hornchurch recommend having a safe installed instead. Have a professional locksmith complete the installation to make sure that it's properly implemented. You may get a fire retardant safe that would not only keep important objects safe from theft, but from fire too.

  • Electronic access to your room

    Do those high-tech, electronic door locks in hotel rooms excite you? You can actually have a similar one installed in the rooms in your home. Consult our esteemed professionals in Hornchurch and soon enjoy convenience and full access to your rooms with your key cards.

  • Cabinet lock override installation

    If you have one of those big chests or cabinets which automatically lock upon closing, we urgently ask you to consider a manual lock override installation from the inside. These chests can be hiding places for pets, worse your toddlers, and once inside they may not have any way of getting out.

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