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UPVC Door Locks

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The job of UPVC door locks is to keep properties secure. Given this, even the slightest malfunction can get you into serious trouble. That is why you must never ignore troubling signs.

UPVC Door Locks in United Kingdom

Lock Repair

Sometimes, the key is hard to turn simply because of grime and dirt stuck between the internal components. Cleaning and lubrication help to resolve the problem fully. In other cases, the cylinder is worn or damaged. For achieving the best end result, the malfunctioning component is replaced. When an issue with the locking mechanism cannot be resolved with repair, the device is replaced.

UPVC Door Repair

The handle can also stop working normally all of a sudden. If tightening, cleaning and lubrication do not help, the component is typically replaced with a new one. While the hinges are generally strong and durable, they can suffer damage and the door might be misaligned as a result. If they are damaged beyond repair, they are replaced with new ones. Issues such as outdated lockset should never be underestimated even if they do not seem to offer direct threat. In this case, lock replacement is required right away so that the property stays secure.

UPVC Door and Frame Repair

Damage to the panels and frames can also compromise the security of the entire property. A panel with a hole, for instance, makes the door a much easier target for burglars. That is why all issues from abrasion and burns to dents and chips have to be taken care of as soon as possible. The work will be done using the best tools for the job and you will once again be able to enjoy a reliable and safe door.

Count on our specialists at Locksmith Hornchurch for any problem you have with your locks, keys or UPVC door. Our company is a leading provider of repair and replacement services.

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